Personal Training

Would you Benefit from Personal Training ?

Our team of professionals are here to be your partner. Think of them as your coach. Whatever your fitness goals may be, and regardless of how often you use them, they are here to educate & motivate you ! Use them a little, or use them a lot. They will challenge you!

Programs & Services We Offer for Members & Non Members
Personal Training Special !!
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New to PT – This is a 1 time purchase.

2 Private Sessions for $99 – stop by the front desk to purchase and book your sessions.   Not sure which trainer is for you ?   Read their Bios here.

Fit Coach Session New to working out or to our club! Then this may for you.  Would you like some professional guidance with one of our coaches.

Ask us how!  We are here to help you reach your goals.

One on One
Coaching designed to help you achieve your individual fitness goals, our  program involves regular sessions with a personal trainer. Your trainer will work with you to develop a personalized exercise and nutrition program. One on one training includes fitness assessment and goal setting to create a program based on your individual needs.

One on One Pricing: $65 – $85/per session


Semi private Find a friend and sign up – motivate each other.

Based on individual fitness goals.

Athletic Training
Training for male and female athletes of all ages and levels. We believe that everyone is an athlete , regardless of whether they are a youth, high school student, college, pro or part of the general fitness population. Our mission is to maximize the athletic potential of all our athletes through superior training and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Global Fitness and Racquet Centre strives to be the leader in performance-based training for athletes in the Okanagan Valley.  Global Fitness offers exclusive programs for professional, amateur, junior and high school athletes as well as specialized programs for law enforcement, business executives and industry professionals.

We have a facility with 80,000 sq/ft of usable training space.  Our staff is fully certified with experts in the field of Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, , Nutrition and recovery. We are able to completely service our athletes in every facet with preferred booking to local rehab specialist.

If you would like more information regarding team training contact us at

Fitness Assessments

You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you have been. At Global fitness & Racquet Centre our personal trainers can offer you an hour-long fitness assessment which will show you where your fitness is currently sitting. This includes:

  • Body Fat Test
  • Girth Measurements
  • Cardiovascular Rating
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Postural Assessment
  • Core Strength Test
  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Muscular Imbalance Observation
FMS FMS    – Functional Movement Screening. FMS is the screening tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality in individuals with no current pain complaint or known musculoskeletal injury.These movement patterns are designed to provide observable performance of basic loco motor, manipulative and stabilizing movements by placing an individual in extreme positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if appropriate mobility and motor control is not utilized.Talk to one of our Certified FMS Coaches or the front desk and set up your appointment today!


Rock Tape

How Can it Help!

  • Turns down the volume on pain*
  • Decompresses swelling and inflammation
  • Delays fatigue
  • Normalizes muscle tone
  • Distributes physical stress
Nutrition and Health Coaching Precision Nutrition helps clients transform their lives.  

Our in-house coaches have helped men and women get into the best shape of their lives.

We approach coaching by listening to our clients’ needs and what they want to accomplish, learning how they live, discovering what’s really important to them, and working together to create the right nutrition and exercise approach based on their goals and lifestyle.

Then we coach them through the process, helping with the inevitable roadblocks along the way to success.

Small Group Personal Training



This is for group of 3 or more.   We offer a few of these classes weekly and anyone is welcome to join in and meet new people.  If you have a group of 3 or more on your own we can customize time and a trainer to meet your groups needs.

Small Group Personal Training Pricing: $20 – $27

Unconventional Kettlebell & Steel Mace Training
Trainer:   Scott Viala

Learn a new skill while getting into the best shape of your life w/ Scott Viala & his Unconventional Kettlebell & Steel Mace training.

Small Group Viala Training every Tuesday 6pm & Thursday 7am exclusively at Global Fitness.

5 small group training sessions for $150 ( more dates & times to be added soon)

Not required to be a member!

To reserve your spot, please sign up at the front desk, or by emailing

Foundation Training
Trainer:  Chris Stratis
Everyone wants to live a pain-free life, but sometimes this is easier said than done.
  • Designed to undo the damaging effects of our day to day lifestyles.
  • Alleviates back pain, improves stability, strength and flexibility.
  • Strengthens and balances your posterior chain.
  • Stabilizes and decompresses your spine.
  • Improves performance in every exercise program, sport or daily activity you choose to do.

To reserve your spot, please sign up at the front desk, or by emailing

Fitness to Support Active Aging

Trainer:  Gord Palmer




To reserve your spot, please sign up at the front desk, or by emailing

Boxing Performance Training

Trainer: Davit Dzavashvili

This program is taught by a professional boxer who trained in the former USSR and fought in Spain. These sessions will take you through a very thorough boxing program-starting with the fundamentals of footwork and punching. By the end of the program, you feel confident moving efficiently and have a full arsenal of boxing skills. But more than this, you will be more powerful and more in control of your body than you’ve ever been! $25/session.


To reserve your spot, please sign up at the front desk, or by emailing


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