Our classes are innovative and challenging , possibilities are endless! Each class inspired by our enthusiastic instructors.   Members are challenged while having fun!


DROP IN CLASSES – where-ever you see Drop In on our schedule – you can come anytime, jump into the workout of the day.   Do 1,2,3,4 rounds all up to you.


YOGA FLOW – Monday 9:15 am with Noushi – Replacing her weekend class.


CALLISTHENICS FUNCTIONAL TRAINING  – Tuesday & Thursday with Davit – 5:45 – 6:45 am  Sun is up so why not make early am your thing !

POUND – Is back in the morning Tuesday 8:15am with Ira – Get into the Beat – this class is fun and  a great core work out while you smile !

BODY WEIGHT BLAST – Tuesday at 5:00 pm with Karen – Take Karens Spin at 4:30 pm and then hit this dynamic class.

CYCLE – Tuesday at 5:30 pm with Kirsten follow this class with…..
KETTLE BELL STRENGTH – Tuesday at 6:00 pm with Kirsten


YOGA FLOW – Wednesday 9:15 am with Tyler – by popular demand Tyler now has a morning class to offer.

PICK YOUR HIIT – Wednesday 5:00 PM with Kirsten – be ready to sweat!


CALLISTHENICS FUNCTIONAL TRAINING  – Tuesday & Thursday with Davit – 5:45 – 6:45 am  Sun is up so why not make early am your thing !

BARRE – By popular request –  lets see this class rock it  – Thursday am 8:15 am with Denise

HIIT – Thursday 5:00 pm with Kirsten follow up with …..
CYCLE  – Thursday 5:30 pm with Kirsten and if you still have some juice ( and maybe over doing )…..
CORE STRENGTH AND STABILITY – Thursday 6:00 PM with Kirsten


See below for full schedule:
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Take a Picture: You can also take a picture of our schedules in the club with your phone.


Membership and Drop ins available – bring your friends!


Things to know when reviewing our classes:


We have 4 private studios inside of Global fitness.  Classes are either in our private fitness studio, Cycle Studio, Private Coaches Cage 2 or Yoga Studio.

Cycling Studio:  Once you have booked online and you have a particular bike you like – come a little early and place your sweat towel and water bottle to reserve.

Booking Online:

Members: Have 7 day in advance booking online for all fitness classes, cycle, yoga and coached classes!  1 Day booking in-house.

Non members/Drop in:   1 Day booking in-house

Coached classes are included in your membership!

Coached classes are taught by our wonderful team of Kinesiologists, Athletic Therapist, and Trainers. The classes are a smaller size so that the instructors are able to provide you with more guidance to ensure you are getting the most out of your class workout

Class format for classes that say drop in:  

This means Drop in any time between 5:45 AM and 6:45 AM on Monday,Wednesday and Friday mornings with Coach Persis, or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  evenings between 4:30 PM and 6 PM with Coaches Gord, Rhonda or Erik.  Complete the prescribed warm up, then join the group and complete as many rounds of the workout as you would like. Stay for 15,20,30,45 minutes or more! You have the freedom to choose! Finish it off with a cool down and you’re done.

To book classes and pay online, click here.


Spring Schedule April 1 – June 30


Winter Schedule   Jan – March