Makena Moore – B.Sc




“The world of fitness, health, and training can be a difficult one to navigate. That’s why I am here! Let me introduce myself.

My name is Makena and I have lived in Kelowna since I was 5. In fact, I have been a member at Global since I was about 12 years old. I first started here as a tennis player. Global was the facility that fostered my competitive career in provincial level tennis. I then continued playing tennis at the University level when I went to McGill University in 2017. There, I was fitness captain for the tennis team for two years, which meant that I organized and directed the fitness training for the team. I also became the women’s team assistant captain in my third year and the women’s team captain in my final year.

While at McGill, I received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. I could not have picked a better program to major in because it suited my personality so well and taught me so many valuable lessons about physical activity, fitness, health, and training. With my experience in Kinesiology and combined with my involvement in weightlifting and program design, I decided to pursue my certified personal training (CPT) certificate from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP).

My intentions are to promote training in young athletes of all sports. With my participation in a high-level sport, I am knowledgeable of the training that is required for tennis especially, but also other sports in general. Thus, I want to build a community of athletes at Global that can thrive among one another.

I am also interested in continuing to be an advocate for all physical activity, health, and fitness and am welcome to any population that wants fitness and lifestyle consulting or training. I am invested in the mantra of “Exercise is Medicine” and I want to help you believe it too!

Besides being an exercise enthusiast, I am also a major sports player/watcher, avid beach-goer, and I love to bake!


Makena is new to Global and will be offering these packages for a limited time:


Package 1:

Get started with Makena by signing up for a private one-on-one, partner, or semi-private (maximum 2 people) personal training package! This package will only be available to the first 5 individuals/group of two interested. It will include a FREE intake assessment that includes pre-screening, body measurements, an aerobic assessment, and a musculoskeletal assessment plus 5 personal training sessions with your choice of indoors, outdoors, or in a private studio. Pricing is as follows:

    • $350 = private one-on-one PT sessions
    • $450 total or $225 per person = semi-private or partner PT sessions
Please contact Makena at (250) 826-2206 or

Package 2:

Do you need a training consultation? Makena is offering a brand new package where she will consult with you to find out your goals and intentions of working out, then she will create and explain an individualized fitness program based off the first consultation. This program will be given to you to be done on your own individual time. Makena will then meet with you on 2 other occasions over a 4 week period to discuss your fitness program. Each consultation will last 30-45 minutes and can be conducted in the gym or online. Pricing is as follows:

    • $260 = four consultations + one 4-week training program based on your goals

*Extensions to this package can be granted based on whether you want another 4 consultations plus training program ($260) or just more consultations ($65 per consultation)

Please contact Makena at (250) 826-2206 or