Court Updates – Tennis & Multi Court


Tennis / Pickleball Updates – Effective Nov 15th – Sunday

We have been reviewing and meeting with members in order to find a system that is fair for everyone to have time on the courts this season.  We thank everyone for their input and appreciate everyones patience.  You are all rock stars !  We are in this together and really want all our members to feel they are getting great value with their membership dues.
  • Effective Sunday Nov 15th our courts times are changing.   On Nov 11th when you go to book your 5 days in advance you will see new changes.   Click here to see new courts times in advance.  Also posted in the club.
  • We now have Tennis only times, Pickleball only time and times when both will be on the court.
  • The courts will now be labelled Tennis 1,2,3  – Tennis only
  • Multi -courts Multi 1 a&b, Multi 2 a&b and Multi 3 a&b are for pickleball only.
  • Click For Tennis Page
  • Click For Multi Court Page
  • Effective Sunday Nov 15th tennis/pickleball members have 2 court bookings per week.
  • Your 2 per can be used for a court booking or to add your name to a wait list.   See below for more on waitlists.
  • Court bookings are from Sunday to Saturday
  • Court booking Online is 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
  • Members can be on the courts only 1 X per day
  • Members can be on a court booking maximum 4 X per week.  Sunday to Saturday. This is subject to change if we feel some members are still not getting fair time on the courts, we will scale the # of times per week back.
  • If we find members are not following our guidelines, finding loop holes, hogging court time, then they are subject to court privileges being taken away.
  • In the event members are still feeling they cannot book courts we will have the person who booked the court sign in up front with all players names.
  • We now have doubles and singles court times, do not book a 1 1/2 hour time for tennis singles. Doubles only.
  • There are NO singles times for pickleball.
  • Members are not to be on the courts unless the court is booked.
  • We do not want to see any courts empty!  Therefore on same day booking if there is a tennis court or multi court open – anyone can book it if they have court bookings left.   That may mean both pickleball and tennis at once
  • If you are in a league – that is your 1 X per day use – do not book another court on the same day.
  • Leagues count as part of your booking.  If you are in a league it is 1 of your 4 times slots per week etc.  4 X per week is the limit for everyone.
  • Leagues are a commitment – if we find members are cancelling out of league to be on another court time that day – they will loose their privilege to be on a that league.
  • If members are ill please find a replacement of your level.
  • CANCELLATIONS – 24 hour notice – $40 No Show / Late Cancel Fee.
  • When you late cancel you also forfeit your 1 court booking.
  • On each court we will are allowing 2 names on waitlists.  This is subject to change.
  • So far our waitlist system is helping, members are cancelling courts for others to use.
  • With the 2 court bookings you get each week Sunday to Saturday – they can be used to book a court or add your name to a waitlist.
  • If you put your name on a waitlist be aware and watch if you do get the court.
  • When someone cancels your name it automatically added to the court.
  • Members are sent a text to notify you that your name has been added to a court time.
  • If you do not want the court reply N – if you want the court reply Y
  • If your name is bumped up into a court because someones cancels then it is your responsibility.
  • In order to get your one booking back for use  – cancel your name off waitlist and you can then book a court.
  • Be sure we have you set up to receive text services if you want to use waitlist option.




  • No Food, Drinks or Gum on courts – water only
  • Social Distance – leave your court 5 minutes early – to avoid congestion.
  • Be packed up, shoes changed and off your court by the time your court time is over.   If it takes you 10 minutes to change your shoes then pack up accordingly.
  • Wait until players are off the court before entering, they may be in the middle of a crucial point.
  • Enter the door of the court you have booked once other players are off the court.
  • Use soft voices while waiting.
  • Return divider nets after use, next week Tuesday John will be repairing new nets so they are not lying on the ground.
  • Remove your garbage
  • Members can leave out the side door by Tennis Court 3/ Multi 3 a&b unless there are players on court.  If you do use this door be sure it is secure behind you at all times.
  • Do not use the doors behind the curtains at any time.  This poses a security risk for the club, staff and members with homeless wondering into warm places.