Functional Movement Screening

What is FMS?


The Functional Movement Screen is a screening tool used to evaluate seven fundamental movement patterns. It was created in 1997, and it is used world wide with sports teams, fire fighters, athletes, and people who simply want to move better in their daily activities.


The screen is designed to place individuals in challenging positions where movement deficits become noticeable if appropriate stability and mobility are not used. Even though individuals may compete at a high level of sport or other activity, it has been often noted through screening that they can be limited in fundamental movement.


Why is this important?


Without fundamental movement the body compensates in order to continue to do the tasks we ask it to, which in turn leads to poor biomechanics, imbalance, and asymmetry. If the body has imbalances or asymmetries then it is at a higher risk for injury.  No one likes to be injured.


How can it help you?


The screen takes 15-20 minutes and will identify areas that need improvement.


From there I can advise you on which areas to start working on first, remove any movements that could be limiting your progress (yes, certain movements you may love to do may actually make things worse!), and provide exercises that will improve your FMS score and help eliminate the imbalances and asymmetries that could be injury causing. By customizing your workout routine based around your FMS results you will get more out of your workouts. This in turn improves performance in the activities you love to do!


Have more questions or want to book in?


You can contact Kinesiologist Persis K. Meisters directly by calling or texting 250-317-1642. Alternatively, you can book in for a screen at front desk.


Move well. Move Often!

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Persis K. Meisters is a BCAK registered Kinesiologist, certified in FMS, Rock Tape, Rock Blades, and much more.


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