How Do You Show Up?

Or like a collegue of mine says, “Show the Hell Up!” How do you show up for your life?

Of course I’ve heard this before but after visiting a long time friend whom I haven’t seen for about a year, I was left me saying to myself, “my goodness man, how do want to show up for your life?” I was asking myself, does he really want to show up quiet, disengaged, disinterested, not making eye contact, making conversation thru complaints? Is this really the person that I thought was a friend and a person who actually wanted to share his life with me for this short time? Or is there something going sideways in his life? Hmmmmm … and when I asked him how everything was going, he said GREAT.

Back to my original question: How do want to show up for your life? Which leads me to another question: How do you want life to show up for you?

These are questions that require some thought and can potentially facilitate some change within your body mind. For any real change to happen, the mind and the body have to connect – the mind makes the decision and the body responds. A large part of the body that is responsible for this change is the heart – the body’s mind. When the heart is on board with the head’s mind, real, honest, repetitive change happens.

For someone who lives in their head, analyzing, organizing, deep thinking, very calculating, becoming aware of the heart, considerate, compassionate, definitive, spontaneous, intuitive, can be challenging. A tool to get you out of your head and into your heart is available for you right here at Global Fitness – yoga classes. A yoga class creates the environment where you can become aware of your body and bodymind. A class directs your full attention towards your body, not your head, and as a result, opens your awareness to the meditations of your bodymind – your heart.

It is said in yoga, “how you show up on your mat is how you show up in life.” Come and consider that phrase and the question of “how do you show up in your life? how do you want to show up in your life?” in the safety and quietness of one of the many yoga classes at Global. Then take those answers off your mat and into your life and watch life show up for you.

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