Our Power lifting Coach from Cairo, Egypt: Karim!

Name: Karim Barsoum

Over ten years ago Karim’s family moved to Canada from Cairo, Egypt in search of a more simple, and stable lifestyle for themselves. Spending some time in Toronto and Calgary before settling on Kelowna for school, Karim has enjoyed integrating into the Canadian lifestyle. As a young boy Karim looked up to his father, who was an athlete himself, a member of the Egyptian national rowing team. Karim’s father encouraged him and his older brother to be more athletic and would challenge them to always be better, to run faster, do more push ups; and even made them a pull-up bar at home so they could train. Having his older brother to always compete against, Karim would work extra hard so he could keep up, which in turn fueled his passion for sports and training. As a teen Karim knew that he wanted to spend his life working with and learning about the human body which made getting into human kinetics a no brainer. Arriving at UBCO Karim was a “yes” man! With a semester full of classes, he also took on Rugby, and frequented the school gym. It was there that Karim met his first Power Lifter, a man named Kevin Lutz.  Kevin changed the way that Karim trained, increasing his strength in a way that had him hooked on the sport. Using his first Power Lifting program Karim was able to increase his strength drastically to the point that he entered his first competition one month later and won fourth. Falling in love with the competition atmosphere and the strength he gained Karim knew this would be the path he would go down for his future career. 

  1. What is your favourite childhood memory? 

Karim’s favourite childhood memories encircle his childhood dog, a Doberman named Caesar that they got when he was nine years old. In Cairo, their elementary schools also have the students select the courses they would like to take meaning that some days Karim would be finished school for the day around 1 pm. Rather than stick around and play with the rest of the kids until the school bus came, a young Karim would sneak away from the school. Making the treacherous journey home via subway rather than wait for the school bus just so that he could have extra time with his dog. But don’t tell his parents! Shhhhh!

  1. If you could be granted one wish what would it be? 

If Karim could be granted one wish it would be to have his own Power Lifting style gym. He would love to have the space to introduce others to the sport that has positively affected his own self-growth and development. 

  1. What is your favourite 90’s jam? 

Ambitionz az a Ridah – Tupac (1996). This song has made it onto all of Karim’s gym playlists since he’s started lifting weights! 

  1. What do you work toward in your free time?

 In his free time, Karim works towards self-mastery and discipline. Through Power Lifting he has learnt that he is able to conquer anything in his life if he first conquers his mind. 

  1. If you were a super hero, who would you be?

Based on strength alone if Karim could be any super hero he would be The Hulk. Having that type of strength would ensure his victory at all Power Lifting Competitions!


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