Name: Stephanie Swaisland

Originally from Burnaby, BC, Stephanie moved to Kelowna in 1997 with her husband and children. Not always athletic, Stephanie started her career in fitness in her early 20’s. She got into it by teaching fitness classes at Telus as a volunteer fitness instructor. When was when she moved to Kelowna she decided to take a break as she was working two different jobs and had two small children, however, she always stayed fit by running regardless of what was going on in her life.

  1. What made you get into Personal training and Group Fitness?

 In 2008, I started working at Global Fitness, working at and then managing the front desk. While doing this I decided to get back into Group Fitness as it is a passion of mine. I love teaching and working out in a group setting It seemed the natural next step to expand my knowledge into personal training and have not looked back. I trained clients for many years at Global Fitness and then created my own business “Grounded Heights Fitness and Personal Training” and now do private training outside of the gym.


  1. What is your favourite childhood memory?

 Going to Disneyland with my parents.


  1. What is your biggest struggle with life or work?


Balance has always been a bit of a challenge. I always want to try everything and do everything in one day. Running, weight training, cycling, mountain biking, teaching classes, but the key to happiness is balance in all things.


  1. What is your favourite physical activity?


It’s a toss up between trail running and quite recently mountain biking. Love being with nature and the trails are always so interesting and you have to stay alert at all times in the trails otherwise you wind up tripping or crashing!


  1. What is something about you that not very many people know about?


That I am a Reiki Master/Teacher


  1. Who is your favourite person to spend time with and why?


I love spending time with my sister – we are best friends and get along so well. We have amazing chats and it is so peaceful being with her. I can really be myself.


  1. What is your favourite local store and why?


Dare to Dream and Shawondra – both sell crystals and crystal jewelry which I love and use in my Reiki sessions.


  1. If you could start over again is there something that you would change about your life?


I would go to University and become either a Dr. or a nurse or some kind of professional in the Health industry so I could help a ton of people.