Sien’s interest in yoga began 22 years ago, shortly after having her daughter. She was drawn to yoga because of the physical benefits and quickly began to notice how it reduced stress and gave a glimpse into a deeper relationship with life. She is passionate about sharing her love of yoga with others and giving them an opportunity to experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of the practice. While her training is Hatha based, she incorporates experience from many different styles of yoga to offer a class which is a unique experience based on the dynamics, experience and abilities of the students that she teaches; each class is as individual as the people who show up. Her intention is to give people a space to reduce stress and learn more about themselves. “I see myself sharing what I know about yoga, postures, yoga philosophy, breath work, functional movement and mindfulness while continuing to learn from those that I teach and work with. Yoga is an opportunity for us to deepens our relationship to our bodies and ourselves while keeping it light and having fun.” When she’s not in the studio or on her mat you can catch Sien out in nature and laughing with friends and family.