My name is Scott Viala, I have been a certified Personal Trainer for almost 10 years. Through my fitness journey I have trained under some of the very best in the strength & Conditioning world as well as in the MMA world. In 2010 I went down to Montreal for the 1st time to train under Jonathan Chaimberg at Adrenaline Performance Center & Tri Star gym (Chaimberg trains elite athletes in every sport such as George St. Pierre, Rorry Mcdonald and Chris Letang) this experience started my fitness evolution and opened my eyes to a whole different side of fitness. Since then it has been my mission to learn every fitness discipline and adapt it into my own training and my fitness programs. In 2015 I traveled down to Austin TX to train at Defranco’s Gym at the Onnit Academy where I expanded my knowledge learning from the very best in the world in Kettlebell, Steel Mace, Steel Club, Sandbag & bodyweight training (Defranco’s gym trains the best Athletes in the world in the NFL,NHL, UFC and even WWE) During my time spent training in Texas I became the 1st in Canada to get Certified through the Onnit Academy.

Through all my traveling and training to obtain fitness knowledge I have gained quite a few certifications, sponsorships and life long bonds. All of this has led to my training style, which I like to call Unconventional Training. My Unconventional Training methods include a base around Kettlebells, Steel Maces, Steel Clubs, Sandbags, bodyweight training as well as all the fundamental barbell lifts (Squats,deadlifts,bench press) If you are interested in my training methods please check out my Website and social Media accounts.








AGATSU Kettlebell
Level One Kettlebell Trainer

ISSA- International Sports Science Association
Sports Nutrition Certification

ISSA- International Sports Science Association
Strength And Conditioning Certification

ISSA- International Sports Science Association
Personal Trainer Certification

National CPR Foundation
Standard – CPR/AED Certification Course

St. John Ambulance
CPR & AED Certification

Oxford Seminars
TESOL/TESL Certification, Teacher, English as a Second Language

ONNIT Academy
Level One Trainer

ONNIT Academy
Kettlebells, Steel Mace, Sandbags, Steel Clubs, Body Weight & Movement

DotFit Supplement fundamentals certification

Hybrid Athlete
Sponsored By Onnit and Part of Virus Action Sports Performance V-Team