12 month Bronze Life Style

– $60 monthly and $45 Annual Club Fee.

12 month Bronze Senior Life Style (65+) –

$50 monthly and $45 Annual Club Fee.

Members have access to book courts on the same day by calling the club after 6:00 am.

Members wanting to book courts need to create a court booking account:   The court booking system we use is Court Reserve – click here to create your account  Court Reserve

**Lifestyle members can apply for our 5 day in advance court booking privilege.   Email us to apply.


Non Member Drop in:

      1. Non members can call the club at 8:00 am to book a same day court.
      2. Cost is $21 per person for 1 hour booking
      3. Non members are required to create accounts with us in order to be booked in our system.
        1. Create Accounts:
          • Club Software (Mindbody) create an account with credit card.  Click Here
          • Court Booking (Court Reserve) Create an Account. Click Here
      4. Non members can be added to our Non Member waitlist for our 5 day booking privilege.  Email to be added to our list.   ( Please note we take active members first and to receive our 5 day in advance booking you will need to commit to a 12 month Bronze Lifestyle Membership )

Court Etiquette & Policies

Tennis / Pickleball Court Policies – All You Need To Know – Court Etiquette


Coaching Team & Committee Volunteers

Coach Carlos
Text Carlos Directly
(250) 575-9134

Click For Bio

Ellen Dale
Volunteer Committee
Anne Pettit
Volunteer Committee


Looking for volunteer to organize Mens League
Marilyn Mah
Volunteer Committee 
Karen Austin
Volunteer Committee 

Volunteer Committee 


Private &  Semi Private and 3 +  Group Lessons

Our coaches offer one on one, semi private and groups of 3 & 4
Whether you are a seasoned player or just beginning.

Text Carlos Directly (250) 575-9134

Tennis Lesson Fees:

        • Private $55
        • Semi Private $30PP
        • Group of 3  $25 PP
        • Group of 4  $20 PP
        • Create your own group – email the coaches directly.


What Level are You ?  What are levels?

We understand that some of our members may not know what level they are. If you are unsure of your level, register to come out & find out at our Club Levels Clinic

Click Link to learn about levels:  https://www.unb.ca/saintjohn/athletics/_assets/documents/pickleball/skill_level_guidelines.pdf

Book with Coach Carlos 

Member Leagues

Mixed Novice

Mondays 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Feb 28 – April 18
Level: 0 – 3.25
League organizers: members organize their own play


Mondays 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Feb 28 – April 18
Level: 3.50 plus
League organizers: Ellen, Anne & Marilyn


Friday:  2:00 – 4:00 pm
March 4 – March 22
Level  3.50 plus
League organizers: members organize their own play


King of Court Competitive

Thursdays. 6:00 – 8:00 pm
March 3 – April 1
Level 3.75 plus
This league is intended for intermediate and advanced players level 3.75+ who want fun competitive play.
Scores are counted in order to determine the court winner and the next week’s placement.

If you are uncertain if your level of play qualifies for this league please attend the “Levels workshop” for an assessment.  Depending on the level of interest the league organizers may need to conduct a “qualifying” round robin tournament to assist in the selection of the 24 participants.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Carlos DaRosa or Karen Austin.
League organizers: Carlos DaRosa Carlos.DaRosa@unilever.com and Karen Austin jkaustin@shaw.ca

Sub List

When you join a league you commit to attend or find a sub of your same level. We will be updating our sub list with levels based on all active members in court reserve.  If you DO NOT WANT TO BE ON SUB LIST email  info@globalfitnesskelowna.com


Once per month we host a social on Wednesday nights – keep posted on dates.

Tournament – Spring Fling


April 3rd all day

Celebrate the arrival of Spring and our Global Pickleball Community by playing in a fun yet competitive round robin tournament!

Here are the details:

Registration through the Global App, starting March 17.  Registration deadline is Thursday March 31th.

Time: Novice & Intermediate 9:00am – 12:00pm, Intermediate+ & Advanced 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Cost: $40.00 per team.  Only one team member registers the team and pays the $40.00 fee; including both players’ names on the registration.  Balls will be provided.  Please email Karen both names for your team. jkaustin@shaw.ca

Register with a partner: partners can be any combination, m/m, m/f, f/f.

Chose the group you prefer to compete in: Novice, Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, Advanced.  Maximum of 6 teams per group.

The format will be Round Robin with 1 game to 15 with every team in your group. 
 Winners will be determined by games won.  If there is a 2-way tie; the winner will be the team that won head to head.  If there is a 
3-way tie; point differential for the entire round robin, lowest differential wins. Prizes for first place only. Each event should last approximately 3 hours.

FINE PRINT: Tournament Directors reserve the right to combine groups and/or move teams to different groups, depending on registration numbers. Non-members may be invited to play to fill events after March 31th. If a Global Member wants to partner with a non-member, they will need to wait until after the registration closes on Thursday  March 31 and if there is room in the group they want to play in, they can enter the tournament with a non-member.

Please Note: if time permits we may have team 1-2 play off for first and second and team 3-4 play off for third

Please contact jkaustin@shaw.ca with any tournament questions.                                                                      

Please contact Global with any registration or payment questions.