Personal Trainer/Foundation Training Instructor

With so much noise in the fitness industry, it can be confusing as you search for a good place to start.  I will take the time to understand you and ensure you find the perfect program to fit your busy lifestyle, goals and your budget.

Chris | Personal Trainer |

As a husband, daddy to 5 amazing kids and full time worker, I know that it can be hard to find time for yourself when you’re busy with work, life & family. I also understand the frustration that comes when you haven’t made time for a healthy lifestyle. You deserve more.  I want to help you build a body that works so that you can experience life better with those you love. I can help you reach your goal while making sure you develop the strength, flexibility, mobility, stability, and movement skills required for you to  experience  strong, coordinated, pain-free movement in and out of the gym.

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