Court Policy Updates


Dec 3rd
Mandated by PHO – Singles only for both Tennis and Pickleball
We will be receiving updates to these orders next week.


We have been reviewing and meeting with members in order to find a system that is fair for everyone to have time on the courts this season.  We thank everyone for their input and appreciate everyones patience.  You are all rock stars !  We are in this together and really want all our members to feel they are getting great value with their membership dues.

In order to be fair and equitable for all members we are asking that members are not on the courts more then 4 X per week.

This is subject to change, if we find that some members are not getting their fair and equitable time we will adjust the number of times member can be on the courts weekly.

COURT TIMES:  see below
  • Effective Sunday Nov 15th our courts times changed.
  • We now have Tennis only times, Pickleball only time and times when both will be on the court.
  • The courts will now be labelled Tennis 1,2,3  – Tennis only
  • Multi -courts Multi 1 a&b, Multi 2 a&b and Multi 3 a&b are for pickleball only.
  • Members have 2 court bookings per week.
  • Members can add their names to waitlists.  See below for more on waitlists.
  • When you have a court booked in your name – you must be on the court time and swipe into the club.  If you cannot then release the court to person  on the waitlist.
  • Court bookings are from Sunday to Saturday
  • Court booking Online is 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
  • Members can be on the courts only 1 X per day
  • Members can be on courts maximum 4 X per week.  Sunday to Saturday. This is subject to change.
  • If we find members are not following our guidelines, finding loop holes, hogging court time, then they are subject to court privileges being taken away.
  • In the event members are still feeling they cannot book courts we will have the person who booked the court sign in up front with all players names.
  • We now have doubles and singles court times, do not book a 1 1/2 hour time for tennis singles. Doubles only.  Update – At times we are mandated to singles only –  members can book 1  1/2 hour court times for singles.
  • There are NO singles times for pickleball.  Update – At times we are mandated to singles only –  members can book 1  1/2 hour court times for singles.
  • Members are not to be on the courts unless the court is booked.
  • We do not want to see any courts empty!  Therefore on same day booking if there is a tennis court or multi court open – anyone can book it if they have court bookings left.   That may mean both pickleball and tennis at once.
  • If you are in a league – that is your 1 X per day use – do not book another court on the same day.
  • Leagues count as part of your booking.  If you are in a league it is 1 of your 4 times slots per week etc.  4 X per week is the limit for everyone.
  • Leagues are a commitment – if we find members are cancelling out of league to be on another court time that day – they will loose their privilege to be on a that league.
  • If members are ill please find a replacement of your level.
  • CANCELLATIONS – 24 hour notice – $40 No Show / Late Cancel Fee.
  • In fairness for other members, if you cannot attend your court booking, release the court for person on the waitlist.  The more time you can give the better so we do not have empty courts.
  • When you late cancel you also forfeit your 1 court booking.
  • If we find court was late cancelled and filled, we can access the late cancel fee.  The goal is to have court times all utilized.
  • Please email if you would like to be added to our last minute call list for a court.
  • Last minute courts will not count towards your 4 per week.  If you have used your 2 booking per week – please call the front and we will hold the same day court for you.
  • Waitlist – we now have waitlists for all tennis and pickleball courts.
    • Waitlist – When a spot opens you will automatically get bumped to the court.
    • You will receive a text or email notification – – please accept this court by texting Y for yes or N for no.
    • Text is best – you have to add yourself to text – on a computer go into your account, under my info check the text boxes.
    • If you put your name on a waitlist keep an eye on your lists in the event you do get a court. You must respond to the notification, as you are automatically signed up for the court and will be charged if you do not show up.
    • If you are notified that you are assigned to a waitlist court and you have already used your 2 court bookings per week, you will be charged additional court fees of $80/ $20 per person. You will also lose future court privileges. So keep eyes  open in order to not have this happen.
    • If you are notified that you are assigned to a waitlisted court and you have already played or have reserved courts meeting your 4 times per week maximum, please make sure to text N. DO NOT accept the court. If you accept the court you will be charged and lose your court booking privileges.
  • On our member app look for My Classes to see the courts you have in your name.
  • On our member app look for My Waitlist to see your waitlists.
  • No Food, Drinks or Gum on courts – water only
  • Social Distance – leave your court 10 minutes early – to avoid congestion.
  • We now have a bell that we will ring – when you hear the bell  please stop playing and pack up.
  • Be packed up, shoes changed and off your court by the time your court time is over.   If it takes you longer then 10 minutes to change your shoes then pack up accordingly.
  • Wait until players are off the court before entering, they may be in the middle of a crucial point.  And for COVID we want to be sure courts cleared first.
  • Enter the door of the court you have booked once other players are off the court.
  • Use soft voices while waiting.
  • Return divider nets after use, next week Tuesday John will be repairing new nets so they are not lying on the ground.
  • Remove your garbage
  • Members can leave out the side door by Tennis Court 3/ Multi 3 a&b unless there are players on court.  If you do use this door be sure it is secure behind you at all times.
  • Do not use the doors behind the curtains at any time.  This poses a security risk for the club, staff and members with homeless wondering into warm places.



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