Talk – The Best Parts of Me

With Life Coach & Yoga Instructor Lori Rockl

Lori |Life Coach & Yoga InstructorBio

Location:   Global Fitness Centre

FEE/charge:  is “bring a friend”

Let’s look at the best parts of who you are – let’s turn our perspective up side up
What are the upsides of my downsides?
What can I accept and what can I work on?
How can I laugh when I wanna cringe?
Do a personality profile before you come in case you are not sure of some of your characteristics – or or any other analysis tool you may have used
Ultimately, YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE so let’s talk about those amazing parts of who you are
Lori is honest, realistic, thoughtful, engaging, generous and then … she’s ready to move on. What do you need to know about yourself to move on? Let’s get together, have some fun and talk about life (while you reflect a little about yourself)

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