Ira McNamara

Name: Ira McNamara


Our high energy, spirited Ira is originally from Toronto Ontario, not making it to Kelowna with his family until 2011. Growing up, Ira was an active boy. In his Dad’s kickboxing clubs he learnt martial arts and earned a black sash! He also worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor, however he never really considered himself athletic. A once shy wallflower, athleticism was out of his comfort zone. It was not until University that he started to grow his confidence through fitness and consider himself an athlete. Now front and center, you can find Ira motivating others through teaching classes and courses!


  1. What made you get into Personal training, and Group Fitness?


Always fascinated with the human body I started a kinesiology degree at York University believing I would head to medical school but decided I wanted to help people before they got to medicine as the option; Help them grow and challenge themselves not just in the gym but in life. Growing up with a Mom as an aerobics instructor and a Dad kickboxer was the perfect blend when Tae Bo came along. So I got coerced into teaching “group fitness” which eventually led to me picking up all sorts of different formats. After several years of honing my craft I now am a trainer to the trainers and teach courses and at conferences all over Canada in the US. I am on the POUND Rockout Workout ICON team and a BOSU Master Trainer with Hedstrom fitness. Recently after recognizing wellness is so much more than fitness I now coach and work with people to pursue what I call the wellness trifecta and have been building a global team. We focus on three things (1) Physiology – A focus on taking care of the body through sound nutrition, supplementation and exercise, (2) LIFESTYLE – Challenging the “rat race” and finding creative ways to build a YOU economy around your passions (3) Giving back. I have had the honour of becoming a speaker and featured and filled the keynote role at several wellness events in North America.    


  1. What is your favourite childhood memory?


Oh, the holidays! I am a sucker for Christmas. Being with friends and family, the gift giving the food sharing etc. etc.


  1. What is your biggest struggle with life or work?


Last year from August until the first weekend in December I taught in a different city every weekend with the exception of two. I then have to come home to my regularly scheduled week, jet lagged and worn out and balance giving my wife and kids my time and help my wife get out of the house and get some much-deserved down time! Learning to say no to opportunities that arise through the events I partake in is key. Picking and choosing the best use of my time for me but always bringing VALUE to what I say YES to.




  1. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?


Fitness wise – on two occasions getting ready to teach a class I removed my pants only to realize as I sat down and felt the cold ground on my thighs that I was not wearing any exercise shorts!


  1. What is your favourite physical activity?


Honestly, I am just loving the cathartic sweat dripping fun of POUND Rockout Workout – it is unlike any format I have ever taught and when I wake up on a day when I am teaching a class like that I am excited.


  1. If you could go anywhere in the world right at this moment where would you go and why?


SO many places, I think for my family’s sake I want to take them to Hawaii. I taught courses in Hawaii and fell in love with it while I was there. Luckily I am sending my wife on a well-deserved vacation to a cousins wedding in Hawaii this winter kid free…she so deserves it!!!


  1. What is your favourite local store and why?


I love Mad Mango and Naked Cafe, just good flavorful food and I always like me some Giobean coffee. I guess all my favorite stores center around food?


  1. How do you evaluate success?


Leaving a legacy. Having a positive, influential impact on the people around me. For my wife and kids to be proud of me.


  1. What is your go to karaoke song?


I am good at anything Backstreet Boys – if the idea is to make people laugh when doing Karaoke?

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