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Noushi Fattahi

What fulfills her is being involved in a physical activity that gives her that connection between body, mind, and soul.

Our high energy, athletic farm girl: Rhonda

Rhonda loves her animals 100%. “Peggy” her deer, dogs, cats, goats, donkeys, Llama and hopefully many more to come.

Tennis Pro: Joachim

Originally from Essen, Germany

COMING SOON! Summer Tennis Camp

Register now!

COMING SOON! Summer Tennis Camp

Register now!

Kelowna 6K For Water

Join our team!

So much LOVE

Our Yoga Event in support of The Canadian Mental Health Association was another huge success

Bingo At Global

It’s March Madness…. And we’re ready to play some games!

Total Body Strength & Conditioning

Tires do more than just make cars move.

Baby Boomers

Most do not meet the bare minimum to remain healthy and independent

FIT Mamas!

“Studies show 85% of women in the U.S. will have at least one baby and that once they do, they’re postpartum forever.”

Train With The Best!

There’s something for everyone

Brunch. Bruschetta. Bar.

You’re welcome!

Hello BBQ Season. We missed you!

Dust off the grills, people!

A Tropical Twist

When your breakfast matches your branding…

Kick start your year!

Your body will thank you.